"Without a shadow of a doubt - and out of earshot of the rest of the crew - I can tell you that Naomi Reed was the most important person on MTV's Flash Prank, and that even includes me. With reliable consistence she never ceased to amaze, all within a merciless timeframe and tiny budget. As a hidden camera show it was essential that the 'mark' totally believed his or her surroundings, and there was not one occasion in over 30 giant hits that this was ever in question. But it wasn't just this overall believability that so dazzled, but also the tiniest attention to detail - be it a label on a jar or a logo on an incidental form - that really made the show, and so impressed not just me, but everyone at Splash and MTV.

In making my (sometimes admittedly terrible) ideas a reality, Naomi invariably improved the joke tenfold and gave even the most ridiculous concept an air of believability that ensured the show never fell from it's knife-edge of ridiculous and realistic. And if you bear in mind that this included genuinely convincing people they had travelled back in time, were being attacked by zombies, or were actually hearing voices in their head, you hopefully start to get the idea. In conclusion, I advise you in the strongest terms NOT to hire Naomi. That way she's free for me to hire on every other job I ever do."

Greg Bower

Series Producer, MTV's Flash Prank

"Naomi worked as Production Designer on two Channel X Productions; Golf War for E4 and Jobs Jim Jeffries Shouldn't Do for the Paramount Comedy Channel.

On both jobs she was a tireless and creative worker, giving the shows a great look on a limited budget. She is very good at both working to detailed briefs and improvising solutions when the cause arises. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to any production company looking for a Production Designer; she is a joy to work with."

Jim Reid

Director of Programmes, Channel X Productions

"In the period between 2001 and 2005, I worked with Naomi on a series of music videos and short films, developing a strong creative partnership with her that has lasted to this day.

In all her duties as the production designer, Naomi genuinely excelled, was incredibly passionate and hard working, and an absolute joy to be around. The thing I particularly admire about Naomi is that, in addition to her great work ethic and intelligence, she has a natural, instinctive understanding of characters and narrative. This means that her detailed, well-researched work is not only guided by her sophisticated aesthetic principles, but also by her desire to tell the story in a most truthful and cinematic way.

I sincerely look forward to an opportunity to work with Naomi again in the future and believe she would be an asset to any potential employer".

Dusan Tolmac

Film and Promo Director