About Naomi

Naomi Reed is a British production designer and art director, living and working in London, England.

With over eight years experience across television broadcast, Naomi has created sets for ITV, E4, Paramount and the BBC.


MTV's Flash Pranks (Series I worldwide)

Production Designer, Splash Media, MTV

The Warm Up Guy (TV Pilot for Comedy Lab)

Production Designer, Running Bare Pictures, C4

10 O 'Clock Live

VT Set Designer for 'The Dictator Men' Adverts, Endemol, C4

The Morgana Show, Series 1

Production Designer, C4

The Morgana Show (pilot)

Production Designer, C4

John Bishop's Britain

VT Art Director (Ep 5), Objective Productions, BBC1


Art Department, BBC

Chris Moyles' Quiz Nights

Location Art Director, C4

The Justin Lee Collins Show

Props Master, ITV2

Tonight with Trevor McDonald

Production Designer, ITV

Physical Film

Production Designer, South East Dance

The Underdog Show

Props master and maker, Splash Media, BBC2

Fat Gillian

Art Director, Celador Productions, C4 pilot

Who, What, Why

Production Designer, Objective Productions, BBC1 pilot

T.M.i (series II)

Art Director, (CBBC) Children's, BBC2

Golf War

Production Designer, Channel X, for E4's Funny Cuts

Jobs Jim Jeffries Shouldn't Do

Production Designer, Channel X, Paramount

The Bulls**t Detective

Art Director, Objective Productions, BBC3

The Real Hustle (series II)

Art Assistant, Objective Productions, BBC3

Footballers' Wives Extra Time (series I & II)

Graphic Designer & Art Director, Shed Productions, ITV1

Footballers' Wives TV (FWTV)

Graphic Designer & Assistant Art Director, Shed Productions, ITV

The Fugitives

Assistant Art Director & Graphic Designer, Shed Productions, ITV


Prop Maker & Painter, Buena Vista Productions, ITV




Production Designer, Ki Films. Currently in production in Kikinda, Serbia


Production Designer, Tightrope Pictures



Production Designer, Rinsy Films

The Virus

Asst. Art Director, Chris Horton Productions


Production Designer, Sounds Wild Productions


Jump The Sky, Ginni

Production Designer, Chris Horton Productions

Queen of My Heart, Westlife

Design Assistant to Marc Holmes, Black Island Studios

Bruised, Rosalie Deighton

Production Designer, Independiente

Everyone Else in the World, Stina Nordenstam

Production Designer, Independiente

Street Melody, Angelina

Production Designer, Connected Pictures


Disappointments in Love

Assistant Designer to Liz Cooke

Resident Alien

Assistant Designer to Julian McGowan, Drill Hall London, & Edinburgh Festival Pleasance Theatre

PW Productions, West End: An Inspector Calls, The Woman in Black, Amadeus, De La Guarda

Production Assistant, Design Assistant / Buyer

Absolute Hell

Co-set Designer, ICA, London

The Education of Skinny Spew, Heads, Ficky Stingers and Guys and Dolls

Designer, The Barn Theatre, Kent

Cooking with Elvis

Prop Buyer & Dresser, Whitehall Theatre, London

Running Scared

Assistant Designer for the V-tol Dance Company, Site specific, Docklands

Nubian Steps

Assistant Designer, Purcell Rooms, South Bank

Unusual Conduct

Designer, Mountview Theatre School & Edinburgh Festival


The Observer Magazine (Walliams & Lucas shoot)

Set Designer, prop stylist

Benadryl 'Join The Resistance' ad

Set Designer, Hogarth World Wide, web ad

Propped Up Ltd

Range of clients include:
Paul Smith, The Sun, Rimmel, Adidas, M&S, Triumph, Sony, Vodafone, BT, Gok Wan, FHM, Loaded, Nuts, Mini Viva, Harrods

Star Wars Exhibition

Art Handler, County Hall, Westminster

Avon Fashion Show

Production Designer, MPH Films

The Real Thing, Silent Auction, Australian Women's Weekly 70th Birthday

Design Assistant to Fiona Crombie, Sydney Opera House & C9 Australia

The Disney Channel Kids Awards

Production Co-ordinator and Quiz Set Designer

Walt Disney Christmas Promotions

Designer and Dresser